RIO Fresh 100% juice
from pressed fruit mix
with peaches

We carefully selected 5 peaches from domestic crops, a 1/2 ripe banana, a 1/3 sweet mango, 3 1/2 fragrant apples, 1 1/2 juicy orange and 3 grape berries from our sunny vineyards. We used gentle cold pressing which kept all the substances present in this fruit. We added no water, sugar, concentrate, preservatives or colouring.


apple juice direct squezed (36,5%), peach pureé (25,7%), orange juice not from concentrate (24 %), banana pureé (6%), mango pureé (4,8%), grape juice not from oncentrate (3%). Gently pasteurized. Shake well before use. Store at the temperature from +4°C to +8°C. Once opened, use within 2 days.