We’ve already established the best quality fruit and vegetables are vitally important for the creation of HIGH QUALITY, freshly pressed juices.
Hence we only accept product from certified growers with an excellent track record – this has become the cornerstone of success for Rio Fresh products
Like any fresh fruit or vegetable, the taste can vary according to seasonal fluctuations and the same applies to Rio Fresh juices – a good sign of an excellent quality product!

Fruit and Vegetables and your health!



Beetroot may reduce
the risk of dementia
and improve your memory


Vitamin C and Magnesium reduce
the release of CORTISOL
hence a resistance to stress


Apples are an important source
of energy – nutrients from apple juice
enter the body almost


Fruit´s and vegetable´s fibre
stimulates the intestine, helps
to cleanse the body and supports
the prevention of illness

Cell Viability

RESVERATOL in fruit and vegetable
can help in the prevention
of premature cell death


Green leafy vegetables contain
magnesium, which relaxes the nervous
system and combats insomnia

Daily dosage of nutrients

quick and easy way
to achieve your daily intake
of fruit and vegetables


Vegetables contain lots of calcium
and magnesium, which support growth
and maintain healthy bones and teeth

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

A significant variety of apples are grown in this part of Europe and yet apples are quite literally taken for granted. Apples are a delicious and juicy fruit that contain a lot of water to quench your thirst, leaving you with a pleasant and refreshing taste.
Apple pulp and peel contain a fibre called PECTIN – this substance is very important for metabolism and provides a protective effect to the wall of the intestine.

Apples improve the digestive process, purifies and may even help with weight loss.
Apples contain potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous and are rich in fructose and vitamin C – this can reduce the feeling of fatigue, support bone growth, maintain hydration and is an important source of energy and also contain Vitamins A, B6 and E!

Apples are a good source of anti-oxidants – specifically CATECHIN and PHLORIDZIN, both flavonoids with anti-cancer benefits. Did you know? . . . According to experts eating apples during pregnancy may reduce the risk of asthma in children!
Dentists recommend the consumption of apples as a natural cleanser for oral hygiene by removing food residue and massaging the gums.

Historically, regular consumption of apples benefits the human body in a number of ways!
PLUS, they have an excellent juicy taste! Rio Fresh cold pressed juices retain the original properties that provide these benefits!

Positive effects of Apples on the body?

- enhance the immune system

- reduce the risk of cardio vascular disease

- lower bad LDL cholesterol ,
lower blood pressure
- purifies the body

- stimulates digestion

- reduces the risk of some chronic diseases

- they have an excellent juicy taste

Underrated source of pleasure

Pears are a classic Slovak fruit – its juices and sweetness can quench your thirst and reduce cravings for other sweet tasting foods! Pears contain the minimum of calories, have a high water content and contain FRUCTOSE making it more favourable for diabetics.

- Lots of fibre to aid digestion and cleans the intestine to reduce constipation and other digestive disorders

V hruškách sa nenachádza veľa vitamínu C, obsahujú viac A, E a B vitamíny. Okrem vitamínov sa v nich nachádza najmä vápnik, fosfor, draslík, jód, železo či kyselina listová.
- Some Vitamin C but more A, E and B!
- Contain Calcium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Iodine, Iron and folic acid
- Vitamin B and folic acid help to create SERATONIN, the ‘happiness’ hormone of the body

- It’s diuretic effect helps to reduce blood pressure
- Pears aid kidney function through the excretion of uric acid and other nitrogenous substances, which can prevent kidney stones

Just one glass of Rio Fresh Pear juice can stimulate a positive mood

Positive effects of Pears on the body?

- low protein

- low fat

- helps to combat obesity

- rapid source of natural energy
- anti-oxidants strengthen immunity

- helps reduce level of bad cholesterol

- enhances blood circulation

Not just good for the eyes!

Carrots are probably amongst our best known vegetable. It reputedly originated in Southern Asia but is now grown around the globe!.
During the early stages of growth, carrots have juicy roots and soft flesh – it is no surprise the carrot is considered one of the healthiest foods having many benefits – and not just for the eyes!

- Carrots are high in BETA CAROTENE, giving it its distinctive orange colour
- During digestion this is turned into Vitamin A – a cleansing and rejuvenating effect and helps to combat stress!
- Keeps the mucous membrane in good condition
- Rejuvenates the skin, hair, nails and can slow the ageing of cells!
- In the retina of the eye Vitamin A transforms into RHODOPSIN which helps with night and low light vision!
- According to research BETA CAROTENE has an anti-cancer effect – reducing the risk of lung cancer
- Antioxidants present in carrots can neutralise free radicles, helping to cleanse the body by excreting toxins, thus supporting the immune system

- Other vitamins in carrots include Vitamin B, E and C, which promotes blood clotting and wound healing coupled with antibacterial properties!
- Carrots also contain Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Silicon, Iron and Selenium!
- Carrots help maintain a healthy digestive system by reducing acidity in the stomach creating a sense of fullness and reduction of appetite – great for slimmer’s!
- Cleanse the gall bladder and liver
- Can slow down the absorption of carbohydrates from the intestine to the blood supply, stabilising sugar levels within the blood!

Positive effects of carrot on the body?

- enhances vision in the dark

- helps prevent cancer

- slows down ageing cells

- regenerates hair, skin and nails

- antibacterial,
accelerates wound healing
- positive effect on heart and blood vessels,
stimulates blood formation

- promotes metabolism

- reduces high cholestero

- strengthens bones and teeth

Stop light to disease!

Beetroot is not commonly perceived as a drink, which is a shame as this amazing vegetable offers a wide range of health promoting nutrients with proven, positive benefits for the body

Are you ready? . . . . . . Beetroot contains:
- Protein
- Potassium
- Iron
- Magnesium
- Copper
- Zinc
- Fluorine
- Manganese
- And Vitamins C, B1 and B2
- Iron promotes the formation of blood cells and is an excellent detoxifying agent
- Useful in treating anaemia
- Perfect for cleansing the liver and thus skin quality improves
- It has a strong antibacterial effect
- Vitamin C supports the immune system
- This rich composition enhances its preventative qualities including cancer cells
- Vitamin E is the most important antioxidant – protecting from free radicles to slow aging
- Supports the nervous system and improves wound healing
- Regulates the intestines – helping against constipation and diarrhoea

- PECTIN stimulates digestion through the excretion of toxins and radioactive substances
- BETAINE, the colourant, supports the liver and protects stomach
- Prevents accumulation of fats in the liver
- Supports the dissolution of calcium deposits which can cause heart disease, varicose veins, atherosclerosis and kidney stones
- Washes cholesterol from the body more rapidly, thus reducing its level in the blood
- An excellent treatment for haemorrhoids
- Contains the highest level of silicon (so called beauty mineral) of any vegetable – important for the formation and strength of ligaments and bones
- Supports healthy blood vessels, skin, hair and nails
- Cell oxygenation and renewal through folic acid
- Excellent means of maintaining a youthful appearance
- Helps eliminate birth defects and promotes development of the brain in the unborn child
- And all this with just a moderate amount of juice each day

Positive effects of beetroot on the body?

- increased energy intake

- prevents cancer

- accelerates metabolism, which aids digestion

- reduces level of bad cholesterol

- helps to excrete toxins and waste material,
prevents renal and hepatic diseases
- stimulates production of acid in stomach
to improve use of protein

- promotes blood cell formation

- cleanses the blood

- improves firmness of skin and bones,
slows down the ageing process

Sweet exotics!

This exotic fruit was traditionally available only at Christmas and other special occasions. Today however, it’s available anytime. Originating from South America, this sweet fruit of unique taste is rich in vitamins, minerals and other important substances.
It contains B vitamins, vitamin C and beta carotene and other trace elements including – magnesium, iron, zinc, sodium, sulphur, manganese, potassium and phosphorus. It is a well know natural medicine due to the high content of the enzyme BROMELAIN, which assists in the metabolism of proteins, converting to amino acids which prevent the formation of fatty acids.

- a strong anti-inflammatory agent, which can relieve pain and oedema and heal wounds
- beneficial in preventing heart disease
- reduces the risk of thrombosis
- removes deposits from wall of blood vessels
- reduces blood pressure
- Penetrate body through skin – juice can reduce or eliminate senile pigment spots

- Reduces muscle tension
- Effective against muscular spasms
- Helps build muscle growth

- Excellent prevention against muscle flaccidity
- Lowers blood pressure
- Diuretic effect on kidney and urinary tract
- Prevention against intestinal difficulties

Positive effects of pineapple on the body?

- anti-inflammatory effect,
relieves pain and oedema

- promotes wound heling

- prevention of cardio vascular diseases,
kidney and urinary tract benefits

- overcome feeling of tiredness and hunger

- encourages organism – renewing tissue
- improves function of pancreas

- helps with diarrhoea and other intestinal disorders

- positive effect on hair, nails and skin

- is considered an effective aphrodisiac

Watch your blood pressure!

Broccoli has become a very popular part of our healthy diet and is especially valuable for its high content of vitamin C.
It is second place among vegetables with the highest content of Vitamin C and contains more than any citrus fruits! Broccoli is an important source of beta carotene, fibre and folic acid, which collectively protect the body against free radicles, toxic and carcinogenic substances

- Effective prevention of colon and prostate cancer
- Contains a large number of minerals including – potassium, iron, vitamin E, niacin, biotin, phosphorous, magnesium, sulphur, selenium and zinc
- High content of potassium has a drainage effect and reduces blood pressure
- Fibre supports metabolism, improves digestion, defecation and restores intestinal microflora

- Minerals and fibre support the activity of muscles and hormones
- Encourages metabolism in all body cells – strengthening the vitality of the body
- Improves the heart and blood circulation – stimulates haematopoiesis

Positive effects of broccoli on the human body?

- activates the metabolism

- supports heart activity and blood circulation,
muscles and nerves

- helps reduce the risk of cancer

- improves digestion
- prevents infections and supports the immune system

- assists drainage and reduces blood pressu

- relieves menstrual problems

- eliminates neurosis and sleep disorders

Bitter diet!

This citrus fruit is an excellent source of antioxidants containing lots of Vitamin A and C.
It also contains fibre and potassium, which contributes to a better condition of the heart. Grapefruit also contains small amounts of calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. Vitamin B1 and B5 contained in this fruit help to increase input of energy and also include PHYTOCHEMICALS – LIMINOIDS and LYCOPENE. The seeds of this fruit contain BIOFLAVONOIDS, which can prevent the growth of harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi and facilitate digestion. .

- Contains a large number of enzymes that can degrade subcutaneous fat
- Promote metabolism, which supports weight loss
- Due to its low glycaemic index, Grapefruit is suitable for various diets and treatments
- Large water content and low in calories
- Also contains NARINGIN, which stimulates digestion, bowel function and generally detoxifies and cleanses the body – it also gives the fruit its distinctive bitter taste. Naringin repairs damaged DNA helping to prevent the spread of cancer cells. SALICYLIC acid contained in Naringin helps to treat infection.

- It has antioxidant effect by capturing free radicles – strengthening the walls of blood vessels and preventing blood clots
- Antioxidants promote collagen production – this has a positive effect on skin, slows the ageing process and can reduce wrinkles
- Grapefruit also contains substances associated with cancer prevention

Positive effects of grapefruit in the human body?

- strengthens vascular walls,
prevents formation of blood clots

- relieves varicose veins and rheumatism

- reduces the level of bad cholesterol

- helps burn fat,
promotes the metabolism of sugars
- hydrates and regenerates the skin

- supports the treatment of acne,
eczema and allergic reactions

- stimulates the immune system,
reduces the risk of infectious diseases

- cleanses the body,
regulates bowel movements

A global favourite!

Strawberries are cultivated worldwide and widely appreciated for their characteristic aroma, bright red colour, juicy texture and sweetness. Strawberries are low in fructose and glucose and contain up to 90% water so are able to quench thirst and supplement energy – great for slimmer’s and diabetics.
- Contain proteins, compound sugars, minimum fat, fibre, calcium, antioxidants, carotene, folic acid and vitamins A, B, C, E and K, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron, sodium, manganese and copper!
- Belong to most powerful food antioxidant of all - together with blueberries and cranberries
- Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect
- Help with digestive problems and in treatment of liver
- Iron benefits blood formation and cell growth
- High content of CITRIC and MALIC acid has a disinfecting effect on digestive system
- Fibre and PECTIN benefits the digestive and cardiovascular systems
- Reduces the bad cholesterol

- Calcium improves bones and teeth and promotes the growth of hair and nails
- Manganese can act as an aphrodisiac
- Strawberries have a calming effect – thus, moments of romance and deep emotion is not surprising!

Positive effects of strawberries on the human body?

- have a detoxifying effect, help excrete
toxins and waste from the body

- an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect

- help with digestion disorders,
beneficial in the treatment of liver

- a positive effect on the nervous system
- benefit blood formation
and cell growth

- lower level of bad cholesterol

- condition bones and teeth,
promote the growth of hair and nails

- act as an aphrodisiac

The Antioxidant Bomb

Fruit or vegetable? It has always been the long standing discussion for this favourite fruit . . . . or vegetable?? But what is absolutely clear is its beneficial effects on the body. Ripe tomatoes are rich in fibre and contain vitamin A, B, E and C, which is represented in large amounts and can easily cover a recommended daily allowance. Tomatoes act favourably against indigestion and gastric acid – they contain easily digestible sugars, organic acids and immunostimulants. Tomatoes:
- Contain a large number of minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and zinc
- Potassium great for prevention of cardio vascular disease
- Lowers blood pressure
- Treatment of digestive disorders and serves as a means of drainage
- Contains MALIC acid, which forms half of all tomato acids
- Bioflavonoids (RUTIN and QUERCETIN) contain antioxidant properties
- Strengthens capillaries
- Anti-sclerotic and anti-inflammatory effects
- CHOLINE reduces bad cholesterol in the blood helping to prevent fatty degeneration of liver
- Increases immunity of the body

- Promotes the formation of haemoglobin
- Encourage appetite, stimulate digestion and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut
- LYCOPENE, which gives the tomato is distinctive red colour, is an antioxidant and destroys free radicles making tomatoes very effective in the prevention of cancer of the stomach, skin, lungs, prostate and breast cancer

Positive effects of tomatoes on the human body?

- strengthen vascular walls, prevent the formation
of blood clots

- relieve varicose veins and rheumatism

- reduce the level of bad cholesterol

- help to burn fat,
promotes the metabolism of sugars
- hydrate and regenerate the skin

- support the treatment of acne, eczema ,
and allergic reactions

- reduces the risk of infectious diseases,

- cleanse the body,
regulate bowel movement

A fresh dose of immunity!

Once considered a seasonal fruit, usually around Christmas time, Oranges are among the most popular and most commonly grown fruit in the world. With an excellent taste and large number of nutrients including a high volume of Vitamin C and other antioxidants – flavonoids, quercetin, hesperidin, provitamin A and folic acid collectively contribute to increase the body’s resistance to both viral and bacterial infections.

- Benefit the digestive system
- Promote the production of gastric acid
- Regulate digestion
- Improve blood cell formation
- Fulfil an important function in the development of the nervous system of the foetus
- Citric acid facilitates the excretion of toxic substances from the body
- Vitamin C activates gland activity, improves physical and mental health, provides energy and improved mood
- Antioxidants accelerate the wound healing process
- Prevent the formation of free radicles
- Deposition of cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels
- Improve blood flow and regulate blood pressure
- Prevent the formation of arterial sclerosis, heart attack and stroke

- Increase the absorption of iron – improving oxygenation of the brain and memory
- Effective against the prevention of macular degeneration of the retina through carotenoids and antioxidants
- Also contain Vitamin B1 and B2
- Protect skin cells and promotes the production of collagen keeping skin supple and firm
- BIOTIN revives and rejuvenates skin cells and PANTOTHENIC acid affects the quality of hair growth and pigment formation
- High content of calcium, magnesium and phosphorous helps to restore bones and teeth
- Have a strong anti-inflammatory effect and can reduce risk of certain types of cancer – particularly of the digestive tract by fifty percent!

Positive effects of oranges on the human body?

- have alkaline forming effect, fighting
infections and allergies

- strengthen cell walls, improve blood flow,
protect against heart attacks and strokes

- lower the level of bad cholesterol

- increase immunity of the body, help
fight viral disease
- improve oxygenation of the brain and memory

- promote hair growth, production of pigment,
affect skin elasticity and firmness

- give energy, increase physical
and mental vitality

- promote production of stomach acid,
regulate digestion, cleanse the organism

Vitamin C Champion!

Berries of the blackcurrant have vitamin C levels higher than any other grown fruits (150 to 220mg in 100g of fruit). Vitamin C acts against infectious diseases in the formation of connective tissue, bone tissue regeneration, wound healing, hardening of the arteries and are suitable for people with varicose veins.
- Used against a variety of inflammatory and respiratory diseases
- Affect our nerves and have a calming effect on us
- Affect muscle activity
- Improve coordination
- In addition to carrots, protect the vision
- Positive effect on digestion
- Ease up problems with defecation
- Harmonise activity of the endocrine glands
- Help in skin hypersensitivity reactions
- Maintain normal blood pressure
- Act against fatigue and migraine
- Affect varicose veins, bone and joint health
- Keep body in female hormonal balance
- Optimal function of female organs
- Contain flavonoids and polyphenols, which have excellent antioxidant effect

- Likelihood of cardiovascular and certain types of cancer reduced
- Bring relief from diarrhoea and digestion problems
- Diuretic effect and treat inflammation of urinary tract
- Contain Vitamin B, flavones, potassium, manganese, magnesium and iron
- Formation of blood cells
- Used since ancient times for treating anaemia
- Improve the activity of the heart and blood vessels

Positive effects of currants on the human body?

- stimulate the immune system, reduce the risk
of infectious diseases

- act against hardening of blood vessels, help people
with varicose veins

- anti-stress effect, have a calming effect

- help against diarrhoea and indigestion
- support blood cell formation

- lower the level of bad cholesterol

- help teeth and bone health, support
the health of hair and nails

- act as an aphrodisiac

What about having some spinach?

Although this leafy vegetable does not enjoy great popularity amongst children spinach is the most nutritious food of all due to its high content of protein, fibre and other nutrients. It contributes to the proper growth of the body, especially in children.
Spinach contains a large number of vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and selenium. Spinach:
- Supports healthy teeth, bones and nerves
- Iron is essential for blood cell formation and tissue oxygenation
- Magnesium helps metabolism of substances, proper functioning of muscles, heart and brain
- Good for the heart
- Antioxidant property can prevent harmful oxidation of cholesterol and protects the heart and blood vessels
- Helps vision even with age related macular degeneration
- Contains more than ten different flavonoids having antioxidant properties
- Contains NEOXANTHIN, a carotenoid, with prostate cancer destroying property

- KAEMPFEROL reduces the risk of ovarian cancer
- Vitamin K can make bones stronger
- Spinach can prevent the occurrence of ulcers
- Diverse PHYTONUTRIENTS and pigments can protect skin against harmful UV radiation
- B group vitamins especially BIOTIN, NIACIN and folic acid promote growth of hair, nails and skin
- Healthy sleep, a strong heart and vascular system
- Folic acid beneficial to foetus during pregnancy
- Significant benefit on overall health

Positive effects of Spinach on the human body?

- strengthens immu

- supports blood formationu, fights anaemia

- acts against cardio vascular disease,
lowers blood pressure

- beneficial effect on nervous system
- stimulates metabolism

- helps prevent cancer
and other diseases

- slows down aging of body

- helps with skin diseases, acne

Inconspicuous healing root!

Ginger has been known for a long time to have healing properties on the human body. It contains a number of exceptional substances – GINGEROL (it makes ginger pungent), vitamins and minerals, antibiotic substances and essential oils.
- Improves blood flow
- Reduces its coagulability, thus protecting the cardio vascular system
- Similar to aspirin, it can reduce the risk of heart attack
- Ginger has effect similar to antibiotics and can eliminate dangerous bacteria from the body
- Stimulates the heart rate, blood flow and reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases
- Suitable against excessive blood coagulation and blood clots
- Boosts immunity
- Improves digestion and positively affects the stomach and intestines
- Supports proper defecation – eliminating constipation

- Effectively removes viruses from the intestinal system
- Relieves bloating, stomach discomfort, colic, promotes metabolism
- Detoxifies the body
- Increases the activity of the liver, which helps to purify the body from toxins
- Delivers energy to help warm up the body and muscle problems
- Anti-cancer effects by helping to stop growth of cancer cells particularly in the colon

Positive effects of ginger on the human body?

- antibiotic effects,
destroys harmful bacteria

- anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect

- improves heart rate, blood flow ,
reduces the risk of heart attack

- supports immunity
- detoxifies the body, supports the activity of the liver,
eliminates toxic substances

- decreases the level of bad cholesterol

- provides the body with energy ,
acts as an aphrodisiac

- has anti-cancer properties